Rick Higgins Photography - Artist Statement

As a Wildlife Biologist and Nature & Wildlife Photographer now living in Northwest Florida, I find myself drawn to the early morning light to see a mist covered river or lake and 1,000 year old trees waving their branches as if to beckon the coming of a new day is a gift that wakes my soul and prepares me for the long day ahead. Adjusting my eyes and seeing a heard of elk crossing a stream or a pack of wolfs playing with their young is mythical like a dream.

I have had the opportunity to have such experiences often working as a Wildlife Biologist. To be in the untamed wilderness place that is untouched by humans, where animals are free to roam and behave as their ancestors have since the beginning of life, makes me feel like I have been transported in time to some strange and unknown world. At such times, I start focusing my camera in the hope I will be able to catch this splendid beauty in the "one moment in time".

I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to travel to the iconic locations around the country to get those landscape photos that many have taken before. I find myself off the well-traveled track in untouched back wooded areas to fine scenic landscapes and waterfalls that has been over looked or never seen before. I will sometimes backpack many miles off the beaten track to find such beautiful scenic locations.

“Mother Nature sometimes presents her beauty to us in mysterious and dramatic ways. More often, we must search the apparent chaos to truly discover her splendor. I find myself drawn to intimate imagery where nature's beauty presents itself through contemplation of the details. I believe my photographs are most successful when they reveal Mother Nature’s subtle elegance.”


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